• Oceana

    This is one of our top staff-pick item. This product is recommended fi you are looking for something that is simply elegant and light weight; beautiful yet not extravagant.

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  • Bounded

    This is our more unique item, due to it's material and pattern. The pattern wiring on the outside of the crystal brings out a perfect balance of the crystal that isn't overly sparkly, but enough on the eye.

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  • Lisa

    Exciting exciting news! We've just added a new collection of lashes into our inventory. Lisa is my personal favorite lash. The strip area isn't thick, so it looks natural when applying the lash. Love love love the criss-cross pattern and that it goes from short to long.

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  • Ella

    Check out one of our newest addition to the family! Definitely a more unique product that Julianders carry. For those who are curious, this is a shape of an elephant Elephants are often a symbol of luck and prosperity.

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